A film by Christopher Richardson

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About It

Christopher Richardson’s 1987 valedictory was misguided and cringe-inducing. It’s also a regret stinging decades later. And now a 25 year reunion looms. What is it about regrets? Why do they have such a hold over us? What do they say about us? Christopher sets out to learn the truth about life regrets and – along the way – himself, in preparation for attending his 25 year reunion..

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REGRET has its World Television Premiere on the documentary Channel Nov 5, Tuesday 8pm EST / 9pm AST / 9:30pm NL November is a documentary FREEVIEW month! Free to anyone with cable or satellite TV.
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The REGRET DVD will be available in time for Christmas. Check back early in December. Until then, our others films CRANKY and Where’s My Goat? are available.